Long Island Water is becoming unsafe to drink and bathe with. There are many water contaminants being found daily in our water supply . Nassau county has a real problem with the Grumman/Bethpage Plume. Very toxic and carcinogenic chemicals are prevent in the local drinking water. Every household should have a whole house filtration system installed as a health precaution. Phountain Phresh Watersystems is a filtration system designed for Long Island water contaminants such as the Bethpage Plume which are unfortunately ubiquitous on Long island. Personally and fortunately, I have been using filtered water for over 30 years. Myself, family and friends who are aware of the dangers of unfiltered water, have been using filtered water as well, because of my constant ‘nagging”about the water problem. I have and my family have been in great health because of reducing the risk of water contaminants. The Phountain filtration system I purchased and installed removes a multitude of toxins, bacteria, parasites and PRODUCES ALKALINE DRINKING WATER!! This is very beneficial for human health as reported by many health experts. Please ask me about pure water for your family. Call 516-233-6565 for a a free water test and evaluation in your home. No cost to you, just honest information.