L.I.Expert Infrared Inspections

Infrared Inspection Benefits.

An Infrared inspection for your home will help to identify *cold air leaks as well as warm air leakage*, which will result in higher heating and cooling bills. Visible areas of missing insulation, deficient weather stripping and even water leaks and areas subject to mold growth are identified. (This is not like an X-ray camera, as many people would like to believe.) The infrared camera “sees” the difference in temperatures with as little as 1 degree in air temperature and subject temperature.

Not just anyone can properly use the infrared camera to reveal the hidden problems and abnormalities. The Inspector must be trained and certified by a recognized training institute. Lorin Rothbell was trained at Infraspection Institute, one of the top ranking US infrared camera training institutes.

The camera is capable of identifying  positive findings as well, such as proper insulation and proper venting, cooling and heating duct work properly sealed.

Most Homeowners Don’t Know How Easy it is to Make Their Homes Use Less Energy

Here at Long Island Expert Home Inspections , we want to help change that. Drastic reductions in heating, cooling and electricity costs can be accomplished through some very simple steps:

It is easy to have an assessment done at your home. This assessment determines in what areas your home is wasting energy (heating, lighting, and air conditioning) and what steps can be taken to start saving your hard earned money.

An examination and evaluation of your heating and cooling systems, roof, exterior building envelope, attic and wall insulation are just some of key systems of the house. A home infrared inspection will advise you about the energy deficiencies in your home as well as the positive aspects of your home’s energy efficiency.

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