Home Inspection Report Sample

Long Island Home Inspection Report Sample

A home inspection report created for you by Long Island Expert Home Inspections is crafted to be thorough and to the point. It will help you make an informed decision about your purchase and to have a clear idea about any repairs that may be needed.

Every part of the home inspection report shows the current condition of the important parts of the house and professional suggestions for repairs or improvements that should be made.

Being physically present at the time of the home inspection is highly advised. Think of it as a walk-through with a professional who knows what to look for during the inspection and has your best interest in mind.

Download the Long Island Home Inspection Report SAMPLE [PDF]

Here are a few samples of the information found in our professional home inspection report:

Consider our home inspection report as an Homeowner’s User Manual  which you can use to answer many questions about the home you plan on purchasing before you buy it. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about what a professional home inspection is and why it is important to have one done by a professional home inspector in Long Island.

The information contained within our home inspection report begins with a brief Definitions section that explains the terms used in report. From there, the general attributes of your future home are explained, such as:

  • How old is my new home?
  • In what direction does my entrance face?
  • What type of sewage disposal method does my new home use?

Furthermore you will find a wealth of knowledge, complete with descriptive images, about the lots and grounds of your hew home:

  • Is there a fire hydrant nearby?
  • Is the vegetation around the perimeter causing any damage?
  • Are the walkways and driveway cracked and in need of repair?

Structure of the Home

The structure of the home is thoroughly inspected and well documented, if you chose to have a Professional Termite Inspection done as well, you may find some references to the termite inspection report here also:

  • What type of structure does the house have?
  • Is there any visible evidence of active wood destroying insects present?
  • Has the infestation been treated?


A critical component of your new home is the roof. Long Island Expert Home Inspections Inspector will climb on your roof and visually inspect the roof, shingles, gutters and edges as a professional inspection should be done:

  • What is the estimated age of the roof?
  • Is there proper drainage?
  • Do the gutters have any visible damage?
  • Is the chimney in good condition or show the need for servicing?


All core electrical components and wiring of your home need to be in tip-top condition to ensure efficiency and safety! Our professional home inspection report details the observable specifications of the electrical components such as electric panel brand, Amp size and capacity.

  • What is the main breaker amp size?
  • Was there any faulty or frayed wiring noted?
  • Where is the main breaker panel located?


Your home heating system needs to be clean and efficient. Otherwise your monthly heating bills will be higher than expected and most of the energy produced would be wasted. A scrupulous inspection of the heating system is made and the inspector will advise you about any repairs or maintenance that is necessary:

  • Was there any corrosion noted?
  • Were any Carbon Monoxide emissions detected?
  • Where is the fuel tank located?


The last thing you want to find out about your new home is that it has plumbing problems. You can trust Long Island Expert Home Inspections to give you a concise assessment as to the condition of your pipes and plumbing in general:

  • Where can the water main shut-off valve be found?
  • Are any of the hot and cold water supply components in bad condition?
  •  Do my sewer and/or drains need to be serviced?

Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Attic and Living Spaces

Each and every room in the house is meticulously inspected for damage. Faucets, showers, toilets are inspected for leaks or damage. Appliances, cabinets, sink and electrical outlets are checked for proper operation and condition. Floors, windows and doors. Closets, ceiling and tile/carpeting are also checked for problems. Smoke detectors will be advised if missing and attic insulation as well.


A list-type summary is provided at the end of the home inspection report to quickly list all items with visible damage so they can be taken care of immediately by the seller or specified by your attorney as stipulations in your contract.

When you flip the last page of the home inspection report you will have gained enough knowledge about the home you want to purchase that will help you make an informed decision. Being present at the time of the home inspection will give you an even clearer picture of every inch of your new home.

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