It is obvious that when a first time home buyer gets the opportunity to make an offer on a house that they are interested in,  they want to know what conditions exist with the structure, systems, components and electrical. A wise choice of hiring an experienced, licensed Home Inspector will ease the fear of purchasing the unknown.

Initial Home Assessment

An experienced home inspector will start by observing the property itself. Is the property going to drain away from the house or towards the foundation? Is the property adjacent to or near water, pond, river, creek or beach? Are tree limbs directly over the house or is an in-ground oil tank fill pipe present? These are  few areas that are assessed before an inspection of the house even begins.

By addressing the information observed before even entering the structure, a different kind of view is now going to give us clues to what may be found in the basement or crawlspace.

Does consistent water infiltration plague the basement or are the foundation walls dry? If the property sloped towards the house, a reason for the water infiltration would be examined. Was the roof drainage far enough away from the foundation, or was water running down to the foundation due to the slope? A seasoned home inspector would recognize these clues that would help assist the potential buyer on how to repair, adjust or to compensate for the properties’ unique characteristics.

Informed Home Buyers

Just because a home owner or realtor tells you that everything works or the roof is only 6 years old, Do Not go without a home inspection! For the relatively low cost of a complete home inspection you can easily obtain a complete home inspection report written by a licensed home inspector. Every pro and con of the house will be described in detail and will include images and suggestions for repairs.